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Remove JustMugshots.com In 60 Minutes: RemoveSlander.com

Last updated Tuesday, August 13, 2013 15:48 ET

Take down Justmugshot.com quickly with RemoveSlander.com

New Orleans, USA, 08/13/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

RemoveSlander.com has just announced that they can now remove Justmugshots.com within 60 minutes with a money back guarantee. Justmugshots.com has emerged as one of the largest mugshot website databases but RemoveSlander.com can now remove JustMugshots.com in 60 minutes or less.

Tyronne Jacques author of "How to fight Google and WIn" says Justmugshots.com is one of the largest mugshot websites found in Google and the quicker you get off that site the better.

"RemoveSlander.com was the first mugshot removal company online and as a result they have built a solid reputation for taking care of their clients. When dealing with a large site like Justmugshots.com then it's best to deal with a reputable company like RemoveSlander.com because you can pick up the phone and call them should you have any questions."

Tyronne Jacques went on to say that He has endorsed RemoveSlander.com because of the excellent rating with PayPal as a preferred trusted merchant. RemoveSlander.com can not get their clients off JustMugshots.com in Less than one hour and have the picture out of Google within 24 hours. RemoveSlander.com will remove the link in Google, the photo in Goggle images, and delete the link out of other search engines like Yaoo, Bing, and AOL.

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