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Resolve Offers Continuing Career Development to Top Executives

Last updated Friday, October 25, 2013 18:06 ET

Resolve adds Continuing Career Development to the basket of services they offer to clients.

new york, 10/25/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Resolve Executive Marketing is an organization that helps top executives pursue and find wonderful jobs. Long considered the premium service in its field, Resolve (www.exclusive-ceo.com) has recently added new services to the already comprehensive package of services it offers. According to Resolve, “It is critical that top executives comprehend that marketing themselves does not cease once they accept a position, no matter how great their package may be. What we teach our clients, who are among the top 5% of business leaders in the nation, is that they must continue to promote themselves in their areas of expertise and keep their capabilities and achievements in front of decision makers in their fields on a continuing basis.”

The importance of this idea has driven the business experts at Resolve to add continuing career development to the basket of services they offer to clients. “It is a matter of continuing to drive market awareness of their personal brand and constantly reinforcing their value to the major players in their field. In business, executives never stop marketing the products and services of their companies, and they must begin to see themselves in the same way. It is our goal at Resolve to convince executives to stop seeing themselves as employees and to begin thinking of themselves as a brand that has value not only to their current employers but also to their entire industry or field.”

Resolve Executive Marketing works with its clients through this Career Development process to continue to inform leaders in their field of the benefits and value of their personal brands. “This strategy enriches the value of our clients in their sectors while ensuring their current employers never lose sight of what they are contributing to their companies,” Resolve explains. “This methodology presents our executives as true experts in their fields -- and ensures there will be a need for their expertise and wisdom, undiminished by any changes in their markets.” It is Resolve’s belief that executives must maintain constant demand for their services and unique knowledge -- and this Continuing Career Development service that Resolve has added proves the company’s ongoing commitment to its clients.

To learn more about Resolve Executive Marketing, visit: www.exclusive-ceo.com.