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Resolve Executive Marketing Has Great Success with Top Executives

Last updated Wednesday, October 30, 2013 12:12 ET

Resolve develops exclusive, unique marketing campaigns for each client, and these campaigns result in exceptional job offers.

New York, USA, 10/30/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

The founder and managers of Resolve Executive Marketing (www.exclusive-ceo.com) have been helping the nation’s top executives find wonderful jobs for more than 30 years. The methodology is relatively simple but highly effective. Resolve develops exclusive, unique marketing campaigns for each client, and these campaigns result in exceptional job offers.

According to Resolve, “A well planned marketing campaign is much more effective in finding the best jobs than sending out hundreds of ‘white bread’ resumes to every online job posting. In fact, the typical approach to finding a new position is frustrating and often takes months to elicit any promising responses.”

It is the contention of Resolve that a resume rarely conveys the leadership abilities and value that a truly exceptional executive can offer a company. In turn, these highly talented executives do not stand out, and they receive little attention or are ignored completely. “When a company is searching for a superior executive to join the firm, it typically must spend a great deal of time and labor combing through resumes they receive that, quite honestly, tend to all look and sound alike,” Resolve explained. “After all of this effort, a hiring company still may not find the perfect fit.”

Resolve takes a totally different approach getting premier executives noticed by the right people. The first step on the Resolve process is to spend an enormous amount of time getting to know clients and what they can offer companies. “Then,” as a Resolve spokesperson explained, “we create marketing campaigns that set our clients apart from other candidates and demand the attention of CEOs and executive boards.”

The Resolve approach sets its clients apart and extols their talents and expertise. These campaigns get the executives noticed and present their value in clear and concise terms. “Once the demand for what our clients offer is established, they are in an advantageous position, and companies are really eager to set up interviews with them,” Resolve remarked.

Indeed, Resolve maintains that just finding a job is not enough. “We want every CEO and board of directors in our client’s sector or field to know what he has to offer and what value he can bring to that company,” Resolve added. “This recognition of a client’s value creates a demand for his services that will resonate throughout the industry.”

Resolve periodically analyzes the national executive job market, and what company analysts see is a market that is saturated with candidates who are seeking a limited number of executive positions. This market glut is exacerbated by the number of Baby Boomers who are working beyond the time that previous generations retired. “This makes it even more critical for executives to approach their job searches with a refined marketing campaign that will set them apart and bring them immediate attention,” Resolve concluded.

To learn more about the kinds of marketing campaigns Resolve Executive Marketing develops for executives, visit: www.exclusive-ceo.com.