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Resolve Warns Executives against Creating Negative Resume Statements

Last updated Sunday, November 3, 2013 14:58 ET

The most obvious statement made by the typical resume is that the candidate is out of work and seeking a job.

New York, USA, 11/03/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

The marketing experts at Resolve have been assisting top US executives find high-paying, high-visibility positions for more than 30 years. The recent influx of executive applicants into the job market makes it imperative for top executives to set themselves apart and draw attention to value they can bring to companies.

“It is critical for executives to present themselves to potential employers in the most positive way possible,” according to Resolve. “The typical resume that is submitted to companies relegates even the best and the brightest to the pile of qualified job seekers.”

Resolve says that resumes, no matter how creatively crafted, only provide chronological lists of executives’ jobs and education. “It is disheartening to executives when they learn that 70% of what they can offer companies is never included in the resumes they send out. Their value to a company cannot be articulated in a one-or-two-page resume; it is simply impossible.”

The most obvious statement made by the typical resume is that the candidate is out of work and seeking a job. “Already, just by sending out a resume, the executive has conveyed a negative – that he needs a job, which implies a certain level of desperation,” according to the experts at Resolve.

An experienced executive would never market a product or service in this manner, so why does he market himself in this way? “Because he hasn't been educated in developing and marketing his personal brand as he would market his company’s offerings,” Resolve explains. “It is critical to set oneself apart from the thousands of other job seekers by defining one’s value to the company that is hiring.”

Resolve Executive Marketing works with each client to develop a personal brand, articulate his value to the market or a specific company, and create a demand for what he has to offer. The Resolve approach speaks to those who are hiring and makes them excited to learn more about what the candidate can bring to their firm. “It is a positive and proactive approach, and this places our clients in an excellent position to present their value in greater detail to companies that are hiring,” Resolve concludes. “Our clients never become lost in the ‘rank and file,’ and they get positive results by setting themselves apart.”

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