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The Royal Thai Army has been preparing for the new conscripts' arrival

Last updated Thursday, November 7, 2013 01:57 ET

The army prepared to receive 33,148 Thai men who had been selected as the private armed force

11/07/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Bangkok, Thailand-In November, the army prepared to receive 33,148 Thai men who had been selected as the private armed forces for year 2556 (round 2/56) into military service to participate in military training and skill enhancements, according to Royal Thai Army deputy spokeswoman Colonel Sirichan Ngathong.

In addition, she said, the army has promised to take good care of the new soldiers who were recruited in the second round of this year's military conscription. Also, the Recruit Training Center personnel have been preparing for the new conscripts' arrival. The center’s facilities have been arranged , such as the residential hall, the canteen, the gym, the recreation room, the training education center, the library, and the medical center.

The arrangements made by the army, such as those mentioned above, are a part of its policy regarding quality of life improvements for conscripts.

They will be trained to fight both with and without weapons, to patrol, and to shoot with live rounds, she commented.

As the part of the training, the army has improved the course to suit the mission and current situation. The military training course will take 10 weeks and aims to improve their physical preparation, cultivate the nationalist ideology, promote volunteerism, educate them about the military, and provide battle skill-training.

In addition, the army will also offer personal skills training and informal education, and it will encourage conscripts to learn martial arts as an alternative method of defense.

The army has also promoted education for the conscripts. There are the systems of Non Formal Education (NFE) in the military for the conscripts who have not graduated from high school. These conscripts can enroll in the NFE during the first week of their reporting to the military.

Col Sirichan said the army units will treat new conscripts like family members in recognition of the sacrifices they are making for Thailand. The conscripts, as a part of the army, protect the sovereignty of Thailand. They bring peace to the people of Thailand in times of rest and disaster.

Following a particular circumstance, Army Chief Prayuth Chan-ocha said the army had set up a committee to investigate an incident of the physical abuse, which resulted in approximately 20 soldiers being punished.

The conscripts will be able to use these skills in their future careers, she stated.