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Zoltán Marek Hungarian Photographer Offers Live Exhibition Tour Service To Boost Tourism Through Photography

Last updated Tuesday, November 22, 2022 17:55 ET

Photographer Zoltán Marek was invited to Albania for a live exhibition showcasing Budapest on photos as part of his tour. He encourages people to travel to less exposed locations with his new service.

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The Service

The artist is invited by a sponsor to make a live exhibition abroad and to show Budapest through his photos. While traveling to the exhibition location, he takes photos in the country of the exhibition and shares the new images with his audience to inspire them to travel there.


Zoltán has been taking photos of the streets of Budapest since a young age. He is known for his urban photography in Budapest but these special cross-border international trips provide a new playground for his work. This inspired him to do the exhibition tour, show the city and show the audience how he sees important monuments and why they should consider visiting.

Zoltán Marek is the only Hungarian photographer who is an official ambassador of Focus Nordic, the largest distributor of photographic, video, lighting, and streaming products in Europe. With this, great responsibility comes great opportunities, such as the live exhibition tour.

Zoltán Marek

Albanian Exhibition

Zoltán was offered to be flown out and explain the meaning of his photographs live to the audience in Albania. This gave an opportunity for the photographer to fully immerse viewers and help them see what otherwise might have been missed. Albania was the most recent location where he has been invited to give a live experience. The artist shares the next location for upcoming exhibitions on his fast-growing Instagram page.

Albanian landscape by Zoltán Marek

"In the near future, there might be an exhibition from the photos I take on my adventures, but for now I focus on the live exhibitions and making sure I show the world our little city in a way it deserves."

The live exhibition service is offered to travel agencies, governments, and people who would like to boost tourism in their country through artistic photographs and exposure to the traveler community.

To know more about Zoltan Marek and the work he does, you can follow him on social media on his Instagram or TikTok accounts. You can also get connected to Zoltán via FaceBook.

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