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ASIA WEB3 ALLIANCE JAPAN to Onboard 5,000+ Web3 Companies Globally to Japan and Asia’s Ecosystem

Last updated Thursday, December 14, 2023 12:00 ET , Source: Asia Web3 Alliance

ASIA WEB3 ALLIANCE JAPAN 1st press conference reveals three main focus areas for 2024, the launch of stablecoin subcommittee, target 5,000 global companies and startups across 48 countries.

Tokyo, Japan, 12/14/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

一般社団法人ASIA WEB3 ALLIANCE JAPAN 1st press conference reveals three main focus areas for 2024, the launch of stablecoin subcommittee, target 5,000 global companies and startups across 48 countries to expand into Japan and Asia’s Web3 ecosystem, and Student Exchange program in Japan prefectures.

From left to right: Board Member Taketo Nakanishi (Cofounder of CROSSTECH), President Hinza Asif (CEO of NFTStudio24), and Advisory Member Yuma Tanimoto (Cofounder of CROSSTECH)

What is Asia Web3 Alliance Japan?

Asia Web3 Alliance Japan (AWAJ), an association 一般社団法人 in Japan that aims to bridge the gap between Japan, Asia, and the world in the Web3 space through collaboration - a key to building a healthy global network and ecosystem.

AWAJ held its first press conference, with President Hinza Asif, Board Members, Taketo Nakanishi (CROSSTECH) and Leo Mizuhara (Hashnote), and Advisory Board Member Yuma Tanimoto (CROSSTECH), to share its three focus areas:

Key Focus Areas for 2024

  • Establishment of the Stablecoin Subcommittee under the supervision of stablecoin experts

  • Partner with 5,000 Web3 companies under one umbrella by the end of 2024

  • Launch of a Student Exchange Program in Japanese prefectures to empower career building in Web3 through the support of the association.

Details are as follows:

1. Empowering Stablecoin Use Cases: Vision behind Stablecoin Subcommittee

One of the highlights of the conference was the official launch of AWAJ's Stablecoin Subcommittee. Pres. Hinza Asif shared that the goal of this subcommittee is to create an accessible environment for stablecoin use cases in Japan and Asia.

Board Member Leo Mizuhara explained the importance of this subcommittee and the potential of stablecoins in the international market.

Board Member Taketo Nakanishi advocates that stablecoins and DeFi can contribute to faster cross-border transactions at less cost. “It can be an authentic medium of exchange among businesses and individuals.”

Advisory Member Yuma Tanimoto, an expert in blockchain utilization policies in the Arab and African regions, emphasized the need to advocate for the international use of yen-pegged stablecoins to achieve global expansion through the subcommittee.

The subcommittee will also empower use cases by collaborating with private companies, governments, and expert individuals through AWAJ.

Asia Web3 Alliance Promises Optimism to Web3 adoption in Japan and Asia through collaborative efforts – Provided by Asia Web3 Alliance Japan

2. Global Board Members Gear Up for New Opportunities: Onboarding 5,000+ Companies into AWAJ’s Ecosystem

Asia Web3 Alliance Japan hierarchy is designed to give a 70% stake to international members. With a total of 56 members and 16 subcommittees, each member’s vision aligns with the alliance’s goals and objectives.

At the press conference, AWAJ revealed its aim to target 5,000+ Web3 companies, startups, and individuals to join under one alliance to expand their business in Japan and Asia. This can create a vast and diverse network to facilitate collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and business opportunities among the members.

This means that the alliance can collectively address challenges that individual companies might struggle with on their own.

Message from the AWAJ Board Members:

– Provided by Asia Web3 Alliance Japan

Japan and Asia are the centers of Web3 development. The Board Members see the region as a desired destination to explore innovative technologies in a well-established regulatory framework that favors international businesses as well. Following are their messages for joining AWAJ:

  • Nicole Chan, Chairperson of Taiwan Association for Blockchain Ecosystem Innovation says: “AWAJ proposes harnessing collective wisdom to create a conducive environment for startups in the Web 3.0 space. This is a vision that I strongly resonate with and am actively supporting. I hope to collaborate with partners from Asia and around the globe in this collective effort.”

  • Sandy Carter, COO of Unstoppable Domains added: “I am excited about the unique opportunities the Asia Web3 Alliance Japan presents. Together, we are poised to revolutionize the digital identity space…This alliance not only amplifies my commitment to advancing secure and inclusive digital identities but also provides an unparalleled platform to catalyze transformative change in the region.”

  • Luke Soon, Partner at PwC Singapore expressed: “The decentralization trend is irreversible; power to the people! Humanity x AI must find new ways to coexist and build future value, together.”

  • Morten Rongaard, CEO and co-founder of Reality+ said: “Japan holds a special place in my heart – not only as a country with a rich history of technological innovation but also as a leader in consumer protection and regulatory frameworks. I am eager to work alongside AWAJ...”

  • David Palmer, CPO at PairPoint added: “Through my work applying and converging blockchain to the telecoms and IoT infrastructures through the development of the DAB protocol…I am pleased to work with the Asia Web3 alliance to promote adoption, especially in business and enterprise across the region.”

  • Jamie Kingsley, COO of The PR Genius, at the press conference, shared: “I'm thrilled to announce my collaboration with the Asia Web3 Alliance Japan, a significant step in advancing the Web3 landscape both in Japan and the broader APAC region.”

  • Leo Mizuhara, CEO and Founder of Hashnote said: “Japan is my birth country and has always been a home to me. I look forward to working with AWAJ and regional regulators to bring this new frontier to be one of the future growth industries of the nation."

  • Board Members Polygon Labs’ CA Aishwary Gupta and The Crypto Mile Host Brian McGleenon also expressed their excitement to see new opportunities coming from Asia Web3 Alliance Japan.

3. Prefecture Collaborations and Student Exchange Program in Japan

AWAJ Pres. Hinza at the press conference shared plans to collaborate with Japan's prefecture governments. The alliance will sit with government officials to create a supportive environment for Web 3.0 initiatives, contributing to the growth and integration of emerging technologies in Japan and globally.

Furthermore, AWAJ will also launch a Student Exchange Program in Japan in IT and Blockchain in partnership with 48 universities. The program will allow Japanese students to travel and develop their careers globally.

About 一般社団法人 Asia Web3 Alliance Japan (AWAJ) :

一般社団法人ASIA WEB3 ALLIANCE 日本 is an association established with the aim of globally advancing Japan's Web3 industry and attracting foreign investors to the Web3 ecosystem in Japan and Asia. AWAJ was founded based on three key objectives: collaboration, ethical innovation, and inclusivity.

For more information, please visit the AWAJ website: https://asiaweb3alliance.jp/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/asia-web3-alliance-japan

Person in charge: Masako Suzuki

Email: [email protected] 

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