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Nationwide Home Care Agency, Guardian Angel Carers, Comments on the Impact of Changing Migration Rules

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A leading UK home care specialist has commented on the contrasts between the pledges to improve social care and restrictions on migration

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Nationwide Home Care Agency, Guardian Angel Carers, Comments on the Impact of Changing Migration Rules
Nationwide Home Care Agency, Guardian Angel Carers, Comments on the Impact of Changing Migration Rules

Guardian Angel Carers, a leading home care specialist in th UK has commented on the contrasts between the parties' pledges to improve social care and how restrictions on migration may further limit the workforce or mitigate the impact of the new investments being promised.

Migration has been a major topic of debate between the political parties in the 2024 general election. However, the effects on sectors like health and social care, which depend on skilled professionals relocating to the UK, should be considered.

Potential Reforms to Migration and Social Care Sector Funding

Staffing shortages in the social sector have long been an issue, with the previous introduction of new skilled worker visas enabling 144,000 care workers to relocate to the UK in the 12 months to September 2023, many bringing families with them.

However, the latest statistics from February 2024 show that the remaining vacancies in the social care sector still comprise just under 10% of the required workforce, equivalent to over 150,000 positions.

As it stands, politicians have made various commitments to improve capacity and access to social care services should their respective parties be elected:

  • The Conservative Party's just-released manifesto mentions plans to reform social care. It will retain the previously proposed £86,000 care cost cap, currently postponed until 2025, and introduce a higher means-testing threshold.
  • Labour has said it will improve fair pay agreements for social care staff to improve recruitment and retention and introduce new legislation to update the Mental Health Act 1983. It will also honour the proposed cap on lifetime personal care costs.
  • The Liberal Democrats have stated that the party will invest £8 billion into an NHS and care package, guaranteeing free home-based personal care for disabled or older people living in their own homes.

Despite much of this sounding positive, the challenge is that cutting legal migration may damage health and social care workforces, which depend on foreign professionals to bolster capacity and fill long-standing vacancies.

Changes Proposed to Migration After the 2024 General Election

Rishi Sunak has announced plans to introduce a tighter legal cap on the number of work visas granted to international applicants, without confirming a target figure. Labour has similar proposals, planning to introduce new educational courses to reduce reliance on overseas workers.

However, there is acknowledgement that new educational courses will take significant time to deliver trained, qualified workers into the workforce.

Currently, around one in four social care and healthcare professionals has moved to the UK from another country – meaning as much as a quarter of services depend on international talent.

The effects of immediate reductions in visas granted, combined with the long-term nature of the resolutions proposed, could exacerbate the already vast shortages in the sector.

Protecting Social Care Services in Light of Increasing Staff Shortages

One of the possible resolutions for families and individuals unable to access the support they need or who have found a lack of available care services is to consider an experienced, independent local provider.

Guardian Angel Carers is a well-established nationwide home care network with a rapidly expanding number of independently owned and managed home care franchises. These territories operate with the backing of the reputable brand and adhere to its values and ethos of family-feel personalised care.

Christina Handasyde Dick OLY MBE, Founder and CEO of Guardian Angel Carers, says, ‘While there are widespread concerns about major changes to migration routes for health and social care professionals, we’ve already seen dramatic staff shortages throughout the NHS and social care services and have first-hand knowledge of how serious the impacts can be on families and residents in our communities.

Our approach is to ensure each home care manager has autonomy over the way they attract, recruit, select, and train high-quality carers. We offer pay rates and salaries far above the national averages and provide opportunities for dedicated carers to learn new skills, gain fully funded professional qualifications, and progress their careers with us over the long term.

This proven system has enabled our franchises to expand, increase the specialist home care services offered, and retain high-calibre carers. Other home care providers and organisations within the social care space may benefit from a similar methodology, structuring recruitment, rewards packages, and workplace cultures that are not exposed to shortages of qualified care staff that may worsen in other areas.'

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